ConnectAudience Review – Increase ROI on FB for Less?

Email Marketers BEWARE of ConnectAudience by Wilco de Kreij! It is about to slap you with better ROI than you can handle.  Consider this review as a warning. READ AT YOUR OWN RISK!

Creator: Wilco De Kreij
Official Site: (click here to get 50% of early bird discount)

Why was Connect Audience Even Created?

connectaudiencedFirst of all, get a tissue, or better yet 5 of them. Because you’re about to cry, laugh and than cry some more. This is especially true if you’re into email marketing or online marketing in general.

Just few days ago, life was good, I was doing my marketing and making some money. Nothing big, but it keeps me fed and clothed.

Then Wilco de Kreij decided to release ConnectAudience, a software that allows you to segment your list based on subscribers behavior into for better custom audience targeting and regretting. Or basically saying to make money commissions.

At first I was not fazed, but seeing how Wilco has good track reconrd with his software I decided to get it. Little did I know that it would annihilate everything I thought I knew and believed in.

Than it all happened…. My list sunddently began to act like a living thing instead of being just pool of names on a computer screen. It was like I started to know these subscribers on a personal level. I segmeting allowed me to know what teach group needed ir wanted.

Worse part? Eevry time I segmented the list I was not only slapped with more commissions but started to to fear I knew what my sisbrcibers were thinking…

Can you imagine the power of knowing what your want, need or even think? I felt like a superhero or a Jedi master and it was all thanks to Connect Audience.

So I warn you again, use it for you as uncle of my uncle of my ubcle once said. With great power comes great responsibility… or something like that.

Serious Note About ConnectAudience

Thanks for reading another Loonie review, as you can see above I’m a bit loonie but ConnectAudience is in all honesty a great software. Wilco de Kreij once again proofs that he is the master of FB ads on a budget.

So if you do want to get a insight into your list and separate the buyers, clicks, openers and so on from the rest you need to grab connect audience.  Just take a look how simple it is to segment your list.

connect audiencePlus everything is integrated with FB and autoresponders so there is no need to copy/paste or import/export anything.

ConnectAudience can easily increase your ROI by 50% or more without much work from you. Who doesn’t want that? So click below now

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